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Steel fire protection façade system

Steel fire protection façade system

Slim surface size, 4 6 meters Single Layer Lattice Span, deeply impressed every customer who has touched with it, we combine minimalist pursuit with high standard fire protection requirements, 45N/60N series meet the stringent design requirement


Aplicación :

Suitable for fire curtain wall with heat insulation requirementrefuge floor (Interior) fireproof inner curtain wallfire fixed window in computer roomfireproof atriumsuper high non-fireproof curtain wall in shopping malls and skirt building

Feature :

  • Origin of steel strip from ThyssenKrupp, Alemán , EURO-Standard S280GD, yield strength 280MPa
  • Internal and external double galvanizing treatment of profile, Laser Welding Fracture Heat Treatmen, Surface Fluorocarbon Spray,
  • External fastener can be made of steel or aluminium, and can be customized in various shapes,
  • The product is Class A thermal insulation system with fire resistance limit of 1-2 hours
  • good heat preservation and energy saving performance, water tightness and air tightness
  • pass National Compulsory 3C Certification

Parámetro :

  • all steel frame façade system
  • curtain wall keel of 2.5mm high-quality steel integrated cold-formed
  • surface size is 45/60mm
  • the wall depth can be 45-180 mm according to wind pressure, altura, grid style, etc
  • glaze thickness ≥10mm
  • K value ≤1.6W/㎡·K
  • limited fire-endurance time : A1.0/A2.0 Size : 2723*1259/ 2500*1390

  • Proyecto







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