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Glass partition

Glass office partition . 86 ABCD series

crystal double glass aluminium frame

  • the design of 86 ABCD partition is beautiful and slim,
  • the vertical width of the top ground edge closing position is 35mm, the width of aluminium profile between the surface plates is 24mm, it can be matched with color decorative line (regular colors include lake blue, orange, brown)
  • 80mm super wide pillar width fully guarantees the impact strength of the wall.
  • the vertical and horizontal pillars are connected at right angles by 3mm thickness of galvanized stamping steel plate , at the same time, the specially designed drilling screws not only ensure the firmness of the connection , but also improve the efficiency of site construction,
  • the arc-shaped aluminium door frame is suitable for all kinds of wood, framed and frameless glass door.

Installation of concealed shutter in interval zone, manual or electric shutter are available

Install 5mm or 6mm tempered glass, according to customer request, clear glass, frosted glass and special fireproof glass are available



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