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Glass partition

Glass office partition . 108 ABCD series

crystal double glass aluminium frame

  • 108 ABCD panel can choose tempered glass, paint board, fireproof board, calcium silicate board, melamine board, inside can install manual louver.
  • corner system thickness is 108mm, wall thickness is 108mm, door frame width is 18mm, bottom line height is 40/80mm, glass thickness is 5-6mm, paint board thickness is 12mm, calcium silicate board thicknes is 12mm, louver can choose manual or automatic , width of louver is 25mm.
  • Wall has super impact resistance is advantage of this style
  • vertical model : W<1200mm, H<5000mm horizontal model : W>3200mm, H<580mm
  • excellent stability design, fireproof design, soundproof design, heat-insulated design,electrical design


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