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Glass partition D50

Glass office partition D50 series single glass frameless aluminium

Glass partition walls are ideal for creating comfortable and practical office working and meeting rooms environments.

Frameless single glass walls obviously afford greater transparency, reduce your need for additional lighting, and more cost-effective than double glass systems. It is great choice for projects with a economic budget

We have 5 types of glass partition wall , D50 , 80N , 86 ABCD type 108 ABCD type and 108SKY ultra-high type . You can choose the right one

  • 50/80 series : satisfied maximum transparency effect , minimalism style ( options for electronically controlled atomized glass, double glass, blinds enhance privacy, professional sound absorption insulation reach better noise reduction effect.
  • 86/108ABCD series : double glass + blinds, focus on privacy, stable, more economic, maximum height 4 meters
  • 108 Tianyu series : steel stud , more strength , satisfied bespoke size within 10 meters


  • 50 crystal single glass frameless partition is made of 12mm tempered glass.
  • wall panel is made of glass and aluminium.
  • connection between glass and aluminium is high density rubber and EVA sealing strip, the function is soundproof and buffer.
  • whole appearance design is minimalism , beautiful and transparent.
  • handware is polished teccentricshaf cantilevered hinge and door clamp, wall is excellent for soundproof and impact resistance. soundproof can reach 38 degree




Model Profile thickness Normal height Normal width Sound proof
50 crystal single 1.5-2.0mm ≥ 3000mm ≥ 2000mm 25-35dB
Surface color fireproof rate powder coating panel option shutter
grey , white A class yes glass, melamine no



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