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Modern design aluminium windows for luxury villa and apartment

Nov 11, 2019

  Windows are eyes of the house, which can bring you not only beatiful view but also good ventilate function.

Today we share many stylish aluminium windows with you, hope you will find interested information.


  • Aluminium casement windows

   Wake up in the morning, just open your eyes, meet the first ray of sunrise and enjoy the fresh air


  • Aluminium windows with grid

   The living rooms of many villas are designed with high height, the space that runs up and down is very suitable for large floor-to-ceiling windows,bring sufficient light into the room

   If like the retro style, you can choose this small pane design,match with British classical furniture, a proper sense of seeing in ancient castle



  • Aluminium tilt – and -turn windows

   Ordinary house type can also enjoy the beauty of floor-to-ceiling windows, for example, a 15 ㎡ bedroom, floor-to-ceiling windows make the bedroom more transparent, But it’s also very important not to affect sleep and ensure privacy

   The bedroom with floor to ceiling windows can be matched with a bed,you can see the scenery when you open your eyes, and you can do it


  • Aluminium floor windows

   At the end of the boring corridor, YOU suddenly met a piece of green, More than ten million gorgeous decorations,narrow and long design, it’s very Chinese style, very harmonious with Chinese furniture


  • Aluminium window – minimalism design

   On a sunny day, the waves are as gentle as the sun, feel like embrace the whole ocean,those who like modern sense can use large area glass,more concise style and broader vision



  • Aluminium window for special shape

   Architects love domed glass, pointed glass, full of design sense


We are looking forward to more than floor-to-ceiling floor, It’s the view out of the window and plenty of sunshine


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