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Steel glass partition – 80N series

Steel glass partition – 80N series

Double glass series increase built-in louver function, the effect of finished product is excellent ,private space effects and experiences that meet the general requirements of domestic customer, It makes up for the shortcomings of the conventional market that can’t be added blinds or the effect is not beautiful.

  • Fire proof system, with excellent fire resistance performance
  • Greater strength, capable of withstanding a higher and wider span
  • Higher permeability

  • C1.00 Class
  • Fire insulation ≥1.00 h
  • Fire integrity ≥1.00 h


1 steel partition, wall total thickness is 80mm

2 steel is 1.5mm high quality cold rolled steel

3 steel keel thickness is 3.0mm

4 principal post width is 64mm

5 climb and earth orbit width is 42/40mm

6 glass thickness is 6-10mm

7 good soundproof : double glass have better performance of soundproof and privacy

8 limitation of fireproof : C1.0



• Technical detail


• Project

Project : Lenovo headquarter

Place : Beijing

D50/80N fireproof partition system

50/50N/70 fireproof door system

45N/60N fireproof curtain wall


• Project

• Project


• Production & transportation








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